A Day In My Life

Times has rushed passed me and I sit here in December thinking what a crazy year its been. This year has broke me and taught me many lessons. For this I am thankful because the series of unfortunate events brought me great success and even a new relationship.

I’ve learned that no matter what kind of car you have or how many followers you have on Instagram it doesn’t really mean sh**t. No matter what amount of money you have it wont bring you a eternity of happiness. Finding peace and love within yourself, taking a step back from everyday life, realizing what really matters. That is what matters. The happiest times I’ve had was walking on the beach with my significant other while listening to the late night breeze soar through my hair. Even the little things such as petting a cat or taking a walk around the lake. This is happiness.

Everyday, I wake up, I never know what each day could bring. My whole life could change within a blink of a eye. Taking advantage of change can bring fear and often it really sucks, when this happens be prepared to start a new path. I am very thankful for what I have even though some days it can be very difficult, however the future is unwritten. Remember, success is made by failure and dedication, never give up.

Your favorite blogger,



Where Have I been? It’s 2018?


As you all may have noticed I have been absent from my blog for a long time; I don’t really have any reason other than an unmotivated heart. Writing is something I love to do but sometimes shit happens.

We all reach a time in our life where we are adrift and uncertain of what to do next. After I graduated college I was devoted and dead set on traveling and living in my dream. However, life had its own plan which was a bit hard to swallow but you just take it with a grain of salt. For sometime, I had almost given up my dreams and aspirations but getting up every time after you have fallen is the best part. People close to me did/do not support my aspirations and probably never will. It can be hard to go through hardships and endeavors when you feel alone but look I’m still here. I know what makes me happy and what I want; that’s the most important part. My life is mine not anyone else’s. People are always so infused in everyone else’s life, when yet they don’t even look at their own. Constant pressures and negative thoughts from others can affect you but only if you let it. DO WHAT YOU WANT!

I write this blog not only to show travel tips and my experiences but to hopefully give at least one other person the hope and encouragement they need. Thanks for reading my sappy post and hope to be back soon. Much love.


America the home of the free…

Hello ladies and gentlemen! 

Wow how is everyone?! Great I hope! I am now back home in the United States. It has been almost one week home and I am more ready then ever to go back on my adventure. However, we all know that’s not how life flows. Of course I have to go get a job and work for a while then back on the road I go! Here is some photos from my trip. Also, if you’re reading this comment if you want me to write about anything more specific. Places, food, tacos jk, just let me know!