Hola como estas..?

Barcelona…how is it? It’s wonderful is so beautiful here. I would love to live here. Yesterday I met up with my best friend! She was getting hit on already just sitting at the park lol. Also, it is so hot here compared to Amsterdam. 

We then went to the beach which was extravagant! It took us a while to get there but it was nice. We then ate dinner which I ate a burger with an egg, it was pretty good. And we drank sangria and it was so gooodd. I was surprised it tasted really good but was so strong. 

It’s almost 5 here and I am going to the beach soon! So excited! Talk soon. 

Send my love? 

Hello, hello! 

Let me just say me:0 tequila:1 haha. Yesterday, I went out with my cousin and let’s just say it was interesting. My soul hurts from the drastic amounts of beer and tequila I had. We were at a house party then at 2am went to a dance club. My skills dancing to salsa are about as good as a baby learning how to walk..rough. Reggaeton yeah that’s easy. I ended up  arriving home around 6am. I had fun and enjoyed my crazy antics haha. 

Yesterday, I also went to the zoo with my family. It was ok there the animals looked very poorly taken care off. But dang lets just say there is some handsome looking Mexicans haha. Just had to point that out. If you ever come to Mexico make sure to go to Chapultepec. It is amazing with many things to do. You’ll see the river clowns, vendors, paddle boats, and much more. Also I held that yesterday hahah!!!😱