To London We Go

Happy Friday All,

Good news……I am going to London! One of the places I have always wanted to go. It is truly unbelievable, I don’t think any of this will hit me until I get on the plane. Just a small town girl living her wildest dreams. Just a friendly reminder that no matter what, if you want it go get it. Much love!




Happy Saturday!

I wanted to write this today because of the nostalgia I have been feeling. This semester many of my best friends left to another country. My close Brazilian friends went home back to Brasil as their exchange ended. Times like today I think about just walking downstairs to meet all my friends. Now if I walk past that same door new people have accompanied that space and now only memories can be thought of, when I pass it. You really don’t know how much your best friends matter to you until you have them no more. My Brazilian friends mean so much to me and have a special place in my heart. Each one taught me many things. Last night I stood in the same place we all used to dance at and I just stood there for a quite a few seconds…..just observing and thinking it will never be the same. It was as if I was having a sudden realization. They are really gone….they are not hidden under my bed or down the hall of my apartment or the dining center lol. At this time I wish it could just go back to what it was 4 months ago. Laughing, smiling, and being together. However, I know this cannot happen. I just have to learn to accept that things change. Times like today I just think of the memories we had and smile. Because I am thankful for everything we had here in America together. Friendship has no borders. Until we meet again. Much love.


Am I Feeling 22??

Good morning,

Happy birthday to myself. Hahaha. Another year another day older. I am so blessed and thankful for everyone in my life. I cant wait to see what life holds for me ahead. Just one more month and a half until I can begin my life. I am so excited. And to answer the question if I am feeling 22….no not really. Every year seems to go by faster as I get older. This is why even when you make the most regrettable decisions don’t focus on it. Just say eghhhh it happened and move on. Life is short so make the most of it. Everything happens for a reason. Well have a blessed day everyone! Much love.





Happy Monday!

Yet another Monday is here. I have about a month and a half of college left before I graduate. It is very crazy to think that soon I will be done. Ill never be back for another class another test or ever sit at the same desks again. Life is going to change dramatically very soon. What I know will come to an end and its my decision on what to do next? As many I am just another soon college graduate confused and unsure of what path too take. Do I go to graduate school, move to another state, country, begin working, who knows? Cause I don’t know. Today is just another day contemplating my life plan after I get back home from my traveling this summer. I am unsure whether Ill stay in my home state or move to LA or Texas. I wanna go to Brazil also, but that is not till the winter and who knows what can happen by then. I can only hope my heart will guide me in the right direction. I am not afraid of change I just have so many options that it is hard to choose. I know things always change and you will meet new people and have new opportunities. You will fail and you will get back up. Life is a puzzle and we are all just trying to find the pieces.

This week I learned that some people who you thought were the most important or close friends may not be. Things change and so do people. It may be hard to look at the memories and or miss them but everything happens for a reason. I am thankful for the people I have met in the past nine months and the experiences. Whether they were good or bad experiences it made me grow and open my eyes. I learned that friendship is about people who no matter the duration of knowing them, they will be there for you in thick and thin times. Not just the times when you are on top. You really see everything in perspective when you are down and out in life, that’s when you will see the real in everyone. No matter what life gives you its good to stay positive and look forward and not backwards. Be thankful for everyday. And live to the fullest. Much love.


improving-yourself-quotes-3 (1)


The Countdown Begins!

Hey everyone!

Hope all is well with everybody! This week is my spring break, and no I am not sitting on a beach by the ocean. Just sitting on a bed but its memory foam so all is well. Lol. Just so you all know ill also be posting random stuff about my life and miscellaneous as well as my travel stuff. Anyways, this weekend was very nice because my family celebrated my nieces birthday and I got to see most of my siblings. I figure I better use this time to spend with my family before I leave. Also, today I downloaded a countdown app for my adventures ahead! Here are some pictures for you all! Much love!


-My countdown and a good explanation of how I feel in life lol


National Women’s Day

Happy National Women’s Day, to all strong women out there! Being a strong women and having your own goals, money, education, and being independent make you great! So shout out to all the single mothers, independent women, and those who thrive to make a difference in our society. Women are fabulous and we should never let any man disrespect us or try and think we can’t do as much as them. We can do it all. Much love.



Why Travel?

Most people will use such common issues as money and time as an excuse for not traveling and not following their dreams. I am a firm believer that if you want something you go out and get it. No one is going to do anything for you. And it will not be handed to you. Yes, it will be a struggle. Ya you might cry tears of frustration at times but in the end you will be crying tears of pure joy. When I bought my tickets to Mexico and Europe ill be honest with you and say I did shed a few tears of joy and pure disbelief. As someone who came from a single parent background and growing up with nothing coming easy, this was a dream come true. I was the child who explored the woods in exploration of something greater, now ill be the adult exploring the world for something greater. People always tell me “wow you are so lucky, I wish I could do that” well you know you can. You are the only one limiting yourself. Take a leap of faith and follow your dreams. It is going to be scary and let me tell you I am most definitely going out of my comfort zone, but it needs to be done. People including me think they know what is out there in the world. The reality is we all know really nothing. That’s why travel helps to open our eyes. As my good friend Megan would say “do you” she always has wise words. Hahah. Anyways, take those words and do something about it. So think have you ever wanted to go somewhere? Do something crazy? Marry a Brazilian? Hahha no that last one is just me. Back to the point! Answer these questions and I am pretty sure you will say yes to them all. Right? So……get up from eating your donuts and pizza and GO TRAVEL!!!!!!! Much love.


P.S this picture was taken at Enchanted Rock in Texas! It is way more huge in person.


Hello everyone!

Life has been really crazy the last month or so. However, it seems as though we have just skipped the whole winter and went straight to spring. I mean hey I’m not complaining. Over this month I have learned many things and have faced hard challenges. Now I am feeling ready to find new adventures and really focus on travel. Since I am a beginner at this travel the world scenario I really have no idea what I am doing. Whoops. Anyways, my plan after coming home from Europe is to come back to the states and work for about 4 months. Let me tell you one thing. One of my biggest dreams even more than going to Europe is traveling to Brazil. Before I met my most wonderful Brazilian buds in college I had never even thought of Brazil much less knew anything about it. Thanks to my amigos I came to find a large interest in their culture and language. There culture is so filled with love and closeness(literally) and don’t forget the gorgeous men and women. One of my most desired attractions is also the landscaping, it is beautiful! Any who back to the point, I am DETERMINED to go this December. No matter what I have to do, that is where I want to be. I hope to save a few thousand dollars for the few months August-November then stay in Brazil for at least 2-3 months. My goal in Brazil is to see as many beautiful places as possible and learn Portuguese. Plus, visit my friends and attend my one close friends graduation from college. I am so excited and highly impatient for December to be here already. Much love.




-As Diogo would say “brotherhood” take into account I am female…so sisterhood since they pretty much are women. HAHA.


Hello everyone! I made this blog for friends, family, and all who are interested in my long journey ahead. Here, I will share with you my adventure to explore the world. Well, just Mexico and Europe for now.  My plan is to graduate college in May, then hop on a plane and live in Mexico for a little over a month. Then from Mexico I will go straight to the Netherlands. Once I am there I will go backpacking through Europe. Yes, this seems a little crazy but I hope you all can join me and see what happens on this marvelous adventure!