Send my love? 

Hello, hello! 

Let me just say me:0 tequila:1 haha. Yesterday, I went out with my cousin and let’s just say it was interesting. My soul hurts from the drastic amounts of beer and tequila I had. We were at a house party then at 2am went to a dance club. My skills dancing to salsa are about as good as a baby learning how to walk..rough. Reggaeton yeah that’s easy. I ended up  arriving home around 6am. I had fun and enjoyed my crazy antics haha. 

Yesterday, I also went to the zoo with my family. It was ok there the animals looked very poorly taken care off. But dang lets just say there is some handsome looking Mexicans haha. Just had to point that out. If you ever come to Mexico make sure to go to Chapultepec. It is amazing with many things to do. You’ll see the river clowns, vendors, paddle boats, and much more. Also I held that yesterday hahah!!!ūüėĪ


Time where has it gone? 

So much has changed for me in the last year. I lost people and gained some people. My mistakes have taught me to know better. I am glad everything happened as I wouldn’t be who I am today. My stay here in Mexico is almost up, meeting my family for the first time, only speaking Spanish it was amazing. I will miss them but I will be back. My life will no longer be the same in two months. I am excited and scared for the future. But have high hopes for great travels and meeting new people. 

Shout out to my few best friends and family for being the real mvps! You will always be in my heart and be with me wherever I go. I am thankful for you all. So sappy I know. Haha. So cheers to lost pathways and new beginnings. 



A photo in Veracruz


I love exploring and finding new things. Yesterday, I went downtown and went to barrio chino. This is pretty much Mexico City’s China town. It was pretty cool. Then in Z√≥calo the military was folding the giant flag and it was so windy some of the men fell over. Poor guys lol. A part I love about it here is that it looks like Europe in some places. The architecture is amazing. 

I also met another one of my aunts on Monday she is hilarious. I’m gonna be honest I have so much family I don’t even know their names. Yikes. I meet a new aunt,uncle, or cousin all the time. Sometimes my aunts or uncles are near the same age as me awkward. Also, I tried some Mexican tequila and dang it was strong. 

Tomorrow, we are heading to Huatulco. This trip is the last big trip as I am leaving next weekend. Which is sad I don’t wanna go. We will be at the beach for three days. And it will also be my primas birthday tomorrow. I am starting to get a grasp on Spanish but it’s still difficult. Today I tried learning the Mexican tradition song of happy birthday. It’s very different than the American traditional song. 


Hot Tamale 

I almost died today….

Okay not really. I felt like I was going to though. Today I climbed my first mountain in Tepoztlan, Mexico. It was one of the most difficult things I have done. But I was very proud when I got to the top because a part of me wanted to give up, but I didn’t. And you know it was all worth it. On top of the mountain you will find a pyramid which is pretty awesome. I proceeded to sit on top of the pyramid which over looks the whole city. 

I made the conclusion that people are so into their technology taking selfies and trying to take the perfect picture they don’t stop and really take in the true beauty. I believe a photo will never justify the true beauty of what you’re actually seeing in person. So, I sat there looking at the small city below and thought how beautiful this is and how blessed I am. I felt at peace and really happy I couldn’t help but smile. This experience here and in Mexico is something I will never forget. 



Hello lovely people! 

What have I been up to? Other than eating a lot of tacos, frijoles, carne asada, eggs, pastel, and surprisingly eat a large amount of cereal, not much. On Friday we went to Coyoac√°n and went running. Today, we went to some lovely canals in the town I’m not even going to say; otherwise I’ll butcher it. Here you ride down the canal in a very colorful boat. Families, couples, and young people getting plastered. Mariachis and vendors also pass by. What I was really thinking is how those drunk people get off of the boat? You have to walk across multiple boats to get off. I would probably fall in but hey maybe they are more skilled who knows. Hahah. Here in this town it was so packed! And a large amount of garbage. I did really enjoy the boat ride it was very relaxing. 

Tomorrow we are going hiking to see another pyramid. And I should probably sleep but who does that? One thing some men here in Mexico are very handsome. The issue is many are very short. Ohh I forgot the other day I tried a taco with cow tongue, you know wasn’t my favorite. Well good night! 


My blog is a direct reflection of what’s going on in my mind. People say to be a successful blogger you must target a certain audience and interests. I must say as a new blogger I have much ways to go. However, I enjoy writing and using my blog for whatever reflections I am having. Really I don’t care if I have a few followers or such. What matters here is that I enjoy writing and I am more than happy to share my experiences with others. I am not directing my blog to any certain audience just if you like what you see, feel free to keep reading. 

 I think people these days are so indulged in trying to be successful that they forget the real reason behind things. Remember what is important to you and don’t care so much what others think. Do what makes you happy. As in life you can never make everyone happy. Many will want you to live the life they want or always dreamed of, so stay true to yourself. Blogging makes me happy. So, what makes you happy? 


Let’s Salsa?

Today started out normally. I awoke to Spanish music and said buenos d√≠as to my grandmother. Fast forward to about 3 pm. We go to a part of Mexico City called Coyoac√°n a stunningly beautiful place. Rich history and easy going people. The smell of fresh baked bread and pastries. 

After this we went to my aunts sisters house. She told me my husband speaks English and thought instaneously awesome! His English was very good and he could understand me clearly. He told me here the culture is very different than in America I told him yes there is many large differences. He told me one day I need to come back to Mexico and go backpacking. To see the rich culture and different beauty’s of Mexico. I told him about the hardships I had in the beginning getting used to this new culture and he understood my difficulties. He invited me to go to a baila on Friday or next Friday. Mentioning to be prepared as you will be up all night. 

He told me how quinces here are very popular parties and there can be up to 1,000 people in the street where the party is being hosted, which is usually directly outside the house. I enjoy the people here as they are much more welcoming. You could be a complete stranger yet they will make you feel very comfortable. Lol also today I met some Americans and one asked me so do you know some Mexican? I laughed I told her you mean Spanish? She said ohh yeah…sometimes Americans are too much haha. Well I’ll try to post pictures tomorrow. Much love! 


Mesmerize Me 

When you look back at life no matter your age what do you think? Do you wish things would have worked differently? The thing is, our lives all have a purpose. Some are written and some are unseen. God, has a plan for us all. Feeling lost in life is just us trying to find our next step. The step to lead us to higher grounds of understanding and purpose. In our lifetimes we will love, we will loose but we will never stop growing. We will learn to forgive, protect our beliefs, and remember to get up when you think you have lost all control. 

Life, is a journey, it is a unwritten book. Just remember follow your dreams and instincts. Be kind to others even when those are unkind to you. Greatness will find you when you achieve self fulfillment and understanding of yourself. As I hope someday my words will have positive influence on at least one person. I enjoy making others feel happy. 

Much love, 


For the love…

My face feels like a piece of fried chicken. Literally, except this ain’t no KFC…On a good note I went to the pyramids located here in Mexico City it was a beautiful site to see. It’s where much of the Mayan calendar came to place. With the pyramid of the sun and moon. This meant you had to walk up a lot of stairs, I mean a lot, I only had a mild heart attack it’s ok. 

My stay here is starting to feel much more normal. I am becoming used to listening to Spanish music all day, movies, and everything else in espanol. I actually really enjoy watching Spanish films. I am wondering if it will be weird to return and only hear English? Also, it’s nearly impossible to eat healthy here. I can kind of understand why there is so many unhealthy people. Plus, there is not many gyms or nice recreational areas. 

If you ever come here to Mexico you will realize how much trash is all over its insane. Yet, people could care less about the environment. It’s sad. There is many wild dogs here and other animals. Among them is other homeless people. Migrants who are begging for food to feed their children. Crime here is a thing but as long as you mind your own business and sketchy people and neighborhoods you’ll be alright. I went to the corner store the other day. As I walked out I just saw this girl booking it for dear life. Confused I looked around the corner and saw three boys looking through what looked to be a females bag. They were just laughing and acting like they were bad assess. Really, that just makes me angry. If you want something go work for yourself and get it. Don’t be a pain in the ass to society. 

Well I can’t think of anything else right now. Talk soon. Besos.