Corona Szn

Less than a month ago, I was planning my 26th birthday festivities and now I cannot even leave the house. What started as a issue amidst China rapidly sore through to Europe and then it arrived to the states.  Just two weeks ago, I was living a rather normal life and it all seems like... Continue Reading →

New Year New Me?

I'm sure you've heard this saying once or twice before. Is it true? New year, new me? I think we can all question that. All I can say is that every year adulting gets more complicated except you get excited about purchasing a vacuum...I made this blog years ago to track my travel experiences and... Continue Reading →

When Nightmares Turn into Reality 

As many of you have seen Americas new fate, we begin this new era. Americans are afraid, sad, and really..devastated. We made jokes of this in the past but now this is our fate. It is no longer funny as people fear their lives and equality in America. This morning when I heard the news... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone! I made this blog for friends, family, and all who are interested in my long journey ahead. Here, I will share with you my adventure to explore the world. Well, just Mexico and Europe for now.  My plan is to graduate college in May, then hop on a plane and live in Mexico... Continue Reading →

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