Did you recently breakup with your partner? Thought they would be the love of your life? Struggling through the stages? It’s okay I got your back. Ill give you three tips to get through a breakup.

No Contact Rule

You and your ex broke up for a reason. Never forget you’re strong and are very capable of doing this. The no contact rule needs to take place in order to truly grieve and heal. By not doing so you are only slowing down the process.

Accept Your Emotions

That’s right let it all out! You should never feel bad about feeling bad. This is a natural process called grieving. Just as you do when you lose a loved one. Accept the sadness, anger, loneliness, whatever it may be. Just know it will be okay.


Got get that degree! Go travel! Before loving another person you must love yourself. If you lost yourself in your relationship find it again. Remember, who you are and what you love. Remember, your favorite cafe? Go there and get a coffee and write a list of 5 things that make YOU happy. Don’t forget to nourish your body as well to complete your healing from inside to out.

At the end of the day never forget your goals and how much of a beautiful person you are. Love should never hurt emotionally, physically, etc. So, whatever the case may be never doubt your decisions. When you have that gut feeling trust it. Lastly, pain is temporary but choosing to be happy is forever. Just breath and know this too shall pass.

Thanks for reading!



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