A Day In My Life

Times has rushed passed me and I sit here in December thinking what a crazy year its been. This year has broke me and taught me many lessons. For this I am thankful because the series of unfortunate events brought me great success and even a new relationship.

I’ve learned that no matter what kind of car you have or how many followers you have on Instagram it doesn’t really mean sh**t. No matter what amount of money you have it wont bring you a eternity of happiness. Finding peace and love within yourself, taking a step back from everyday life, realizing what really matters. That is what matters. The happiest times I’ve had was walking on the beach with my significant other while listening to the late night breeze soar through my hair. Even the little things such as petting a cat or taking a walk around the lake. This is happiness.

Everyday, I wake up, I never know what each day could bring. My whole life could change within a blink of a eye. Taking advantage of change can bring fear and often it really sucks, when this happens be prepared to start a new path. I am very thankful for what I have even though some days it can be very difficult, however the future is unwritten. Remember, success is made by failure and dedication, never give up.

Your favorite blogger,



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