Hello lovely people! 

What have I been up to? Other than eating a lot of tacos, frijoles, carne asada, eggs, pastel, and surprisingly eat a large amount of cereal, not much. On Friday we went to Coyoacán and went running. Today, we went to some lovely canals in the town I’m not even going to say; otherwise I’ll butcher it. Here you ride down the canal in a very colorful boat. Families, couples, and young people getting plastered. Mariachis and vendors also pass by. What I was really thinking is how those drunk people get off of the boat? You have to walk across multiple boats to get off. I would probably fall in but hey maybe they are more skilled who knows. Hahah. Here in this town it was so packed! And a large amount of garbage. I did really enjoy the boat ride it was very relaxing. 

Tomorrow we are going hiking to see another pyramid. And I should probably sleep but who does that? One thing some men here in Mexico are very handsome. The issue is many are very short. Ohh I forgot the other day I tried a taco with cow tongue, you know wasn’t my favorite. Well good night! 

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