Let’s Salsa?

Today started out normally. I awoke to Spanish music and said buenos días to my grandmother. Fast forward to about 3 pm. We go to a part of Mexico City called Coyoacán a stunningly beautiful place. Rich history and easy going people. The smell of fresh baked bread and pastries. 

After this we went to my aunts sisters house. She told me my husband speaks English and thought instaneously awesome! His English was very good and he could understand me clearly. He told me here the culture is very different than in America I told him yes there is many large differences. He told me one day I need to come back to Mexico and go backpacking. To see the rich culture and different beauty’s of Mexico. I told him about the hardships I had in the beginning getting used to this new culture and he understood my difficulties. He invited me to go to a baila on Friday or next Friday. Mentioning to be prepared as you will be up all night. 

He told me how quinces here are very popular parties and there can be up to 1,000 people in the street where the party is being hosted, which is usually directly outside the house. I enjoy the people here as they are much more welcoming. You could be a complete stranger yet they will make you feel very comfortable. Lol also today I met some Americans and one asked me so do you know some Mexican? I laughed I told her you mean Spanish? She said ohh yeah…sometimes Americans are too much haha. Well I’ll try to post pictures tomorrow. Much love! 


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