For the love…

My face feels like a piece of fried chicken. Literally, except this ain’t no KFC…On a good note I went to the pyramids located here in Mexico City it was a beautiful site to see. It’s where much of the Mayan calendar came to place. With the pyramid of the sun and moon. This meant you had to walk up a lot of stairs, I mean a lot, I only had a mild heart attack it’s ok. 

My stay here is starting to feel much more normal. I am becoming used to listening to Spanish music all day, movies, and everything else in espanol. I actually really enjoy watching Spanish films. I am wondering if it will be weird to return and only hear English? Also, it’s nearly impossible to eat healthy here. I can kind of understand why there is so many unhealthy people. Plus, there is not many gyms or nice recreational areas. 

If you ever come here to Mexico you will realize how much trash is all over its insane. Yet, people could care less about the environment. It’s sad. There is many wild dogs here and other animals. Among them is other homeless people. Migrants who are begging for food to feed their children. Crime here is a thing but as long as you mind your own business and sketchy people and neighborhoods you’ll be alright. I went to the corner store the other day. As I walked out I just saw this girl booking it for dear life. Confused I looked around the corner and saw three boys looking through what looked to be a females bag. They were just laughing and acting like they were bad assess. Really, that just makes me angry. If you want something go work for yourself and get it. Don’t be a pain in the ass to society. 

Well I can’t think of anything else right now. Talk soon. Besos. 

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