Hello hello, 

Yesterday, we went downtown to bring my cousin to a job interview. There me and my aunt got these delicious frappes. If you don’t know you can find some great coffee in Mexico City. They are very nice little coffee shops as well. I would say better than Starbucks or Caribou. We then went to the mega library which was simply amazing. I could be in there forever it is so awesome. Then we went to the market and the store. And I ate my donut for National Donut Day haha. 

Here they have many of the same foods yet it tastes differently. I got some chocolate yesterday but it tastes very bland and boring. Pan de dulce is also very popular here. Oh and last night I went to the bar with my aunt and uncle. It was nice there was just a street filled with all different bars. It was nice to get out though. Well I have to go! Adios! 

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