Buenos días!

Well I woke up today thinking it was Friday…hahah and it’s Thursday. Yesterday, we went to the college in Mexico City because my cousin will be going there. I think it is a ok campus not too terrible but also is not that nice. Pretty much everything here looks very dirty, and there is no nice landscape. The guys here dress very hipster and the girls either rocker or very provocative or like old people. 

Here there is a lot of gender roles. Women are definently not respected equally. Which I don’t agree with at all and could probably never marry a Mexican. The way they see it is the women pretty much do everything around the house. I like to call it their personal slave. I’m not saying all men think this way, just telling you the culture. On the train here there is even separate cars for men and women to sit. Lol talking about the train here people get crazy. Yesterday even a old guy pretty much shoved me out of the way so he could get a good spot. Here public transportation is ISANEly packed! When people joke about mexi packing it’s true haha. If you look in every car there is at least 3 adults and 2 or more kids. And for public transportation it’s the battle of the fittest to get a good spot. Unless you want to sit next to the guy with a huge beer belly in your face. 

Yesterday, we also went to the flea market. I was trying to find a pair of jeans. All the jeans looked like a hooker would wear them. I’m not about that life haha. So not much luck I would say a good pair of jeans will run you about 600-1000 pesos. And last night we went to see Alice in Wonderland it was really good actually I understood a decent amount. Plus they had some bomb popcorn even though I got sick because of it when I got home. I don’t think a lot of food here agrees with my stomach, it’s all fried, high carb, or sweet. Talk about diabetes central. Well talk soon! Besos! 

P.S it hailed out a lot last night and it looked so pretty like it snowed. Lol they were all freaking out about it and freezing to death. It wasn’t that cold. 

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