Day 1 Mexico

Today was my first day and it was very challenging. As I know very little Spanish and my family knows no English. I can say that I take being around people who speak English for granted. When you go to a place where you’re just as confused as they are in what you’re saying. I am going to keep trying my best to learn quick. 

My family is very welcoming. I have my own room here which is nice. And I have so many Tia’s I can’t keep track. Today I woke up at 7am then we went to church and many popular tourist destinations. I love the history here it is very interesting. I have also never seen so many Virgin Mary’s in my life, es muy importante here. We went to the Metropolitan cathedral and there was a large event going on. It had a booth of every country wich offered there cultures food and souvenirs. It was really awesome and there was a crazy amount of people there. May I mention it’s very hot here. I got really bad sunburn already. 

I ate many tacos, corn on a stick, a lot of ice cream, and sopa, carne asada..etc. It’s very dirty here in the streets and many shops and markets. I like it though it’s very fast paced. Also, the traffic is insane. Most likely way of getting killed in Mexico City.. getting run over. It’s as though there is no rules people are just driving everywhere and doing some crazy things. If you do not look you will die ahha. Mexico es muy bonita. And I swear my grandma never sleeps, just cleans and cooks. 

I keep thinking in Spanish its almost weird to speak English. As all I here is espanol. I’m tired and sun burnt so I’ll go to sleep now. Until tomorrow. 

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