Long Distance Relationships

One question have any of you ever known someone who has been in a long distance relationship? Its common right? The real question is does it ever really work out? I think that is a yes and no answer, under certain circumstances. If you really love the person, the relationship will stay strong. Distance will test your relationship but anything is possible.

The real issue I have noticed is infidelity. If you are going to study abroad or move some distance and are still in a relationship, you are still obliged to be committed. If someone truly loves you they would not even have that thought in their mind. To cheat on the person they love. How could that be an accident? Someones actions are controllable only by themselves, no one is forcing them. The point being is that people should not be selfish, let the other go if you cannot fully commit. If you cannot give 110%. If you cannot give that sacrifice.

Long distance relationships can also be a great thing. True love never has any boundaries or borders. It is a beautiful thing to see LDR’s blossom even thousands of miles away. It shows that anything really is possible. Just remember love is easy, so don’t make it more difficult than it should be. Whether you are 10,000 miles away or laying next to them in bed right now. Much love.



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