The last few days have been very interesting. Here you go to bed very late and wake up super early. Really I just wanna sleep for days haha. The environment here is always on the go vamos, vamos. Nothing like getting woken up to people talking Spanish to you, you just look at them like what?! When I nap here they think I am sick when really I just like to nap. Must be an American thing. The other day my grandma made sopa with chickens feet ewww haha. I think the thing I have to get most used to is always being with my family and no alone time. Here family is very important and we go every where together. They protect me like no other. In the U.S I’m used to doing a lot of things by myself and having my own time. 

Here they sometimes eat breakfast usually lunch and dinner. Snack at 11pm-midnight. They like to drink coffee at about 10pm haha. The food here is declicous but not very healthy. They are always trying to feed me and I’m like please no more food. There is no air conditioning or washer machine and I can’t drink the water. Very different. I usually will go running with my aunt at about 9am on the week days also.

The sun here is insane I’ve got sunburn every time I went outside haha. It’s really hot here but no humidity. I’m always really confused cause I always see people wearing sweatshirts when it’s almost 90 degrees. Then me wearing shorts and a tank top I must really look like a foreigner. I look very different from those here as my skin is light and I have blonde hair. Also, every day my grandma makes me drink this drink that is mixed with water and apples. At last PDA ohhhh my goshhhh..Mexicanos for sure love to display their affection towards each other in public. Literally full on look like they are about to do it in public. But it’s very normal here so I’ll just have to get used to it. Well I’ll write more soon. Besos.

Day 1 Mexico

Today was my first day and it was very challenging. As I know very little Spanish and my family knows no English. I can say that I take being around people who speak English for granted. When you go to a place where you’re just as confused as they are in what you’re saying. I am going to keep trying my best to learn quick. 

My family is very welcoming. I have my own room here which is nice. And I have so many Tia’s I can’t keep track. Today I woke up at 7am then we went to church and many popular tourist destinations. I love the history here it is very interesting. I have also never seen so many Virgin Mary’s in my life, es muy importante here. We went to the Metropolitan cathedral and there was a large event going on. It had a booth of every country wich offered there cultures food and souvenirs. It was really awesome and there was a crazy amount of people there. May I mention it’s very hot here. I got really bad sunburn already. 

I ate many tacos, corn on a stick, a lot of ice cream, and sopa, carne asada..etc. It’s very dirty here in the streets and many shops and markets. I like it though it’s very fast paced. Also, the traffic is insane. Most likely way of getting killed in Mexico City.. getting run over. It’s as though there is no rules people are just driving everywhere and doing some crazy things. If you do not look you will die ahha. Mexico es muy bonita. And I swear my grandma never sleeps, just cleans and cooks. 

I keep thinking in Spanish its almost weird to speak English. As all I here is espanol. I’m tired and sun burnt so I’ll go to sleep now. Until tomorrow. 

Stone Arch Bridge

So, the other day I was feeling adventurous and thought why not go explore some parts of Minneapolis! So here is a few photos from the Stone Arch Bridge. Minnesota is such a great place with rich history and beautiful seasons. I would recommend everyone come to Minnesota at least once in their lifetime.

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Here It Goes

Hey all!

I cannot believe tomorrow I will be leaving for my trip to Mexico then Europe. Really it still feels unreal. I have been pretty stressed out today trying to figure everything out and book all my hostels and so much more. Don’t get me wrong traveling is a blessing but can be kind of stressful. People always think its just butterflies and roses all the time. However, I am so happy and blessed to have this once in a lifetime opportunity! This will be the first time in my life I will meet my other side of the family! Also, I graduated college almost a week ago! Life is great! Always remember to see how blessed you really are! And be thankful of those who support you through thick and thin! Ill try and post more soon!


Long Distance Relationships

One question have any of you ever known someone who has been in a long distance relationship? Its common right? The real question is does it ever really work out? I think that is a yes and no answer, under certain circumstances. If you really love the person, the relationship will stay strong. Distance will test your relationship but anything is possible.

The real issue I have noticed is infidelity. If you are going to study abroad or move some distance and are still in a relationship, you are still obliged to be committed. If someone truly loves you they would not even have that thought in their mind. To cheat on the person they love. How could that be an accident? Someones actions are controllable only by themselves, no one is forcing them. The point being is that people should not be selfish, let the other go if you cannot fully commit. If you cannot give 110%. If you cannot give that sacrifice.

Long distance relationships can also be a great thing. True love never has any boundaries or borders. It is a beautiful thing to see LDR’s blossom even thousands of miles away. It shows that anything really is possible. Just remember love is easy, so don’t make it more difficult than it should be. Whether you are 10,000 miles away or laying next to them in bed right now. Much love.