Happy Monday!

Yet another Monday is here. I have about a month and a half of college left before I graduate. It is very crazy to think that soon I will be done. Ill never be back for another class another test or ever sit at the same desks again. Life is going to change dramatically very soon. What I know will come to an end and its my decision on what to do next? As many I am just another soon college graduate confused and unsure of what path too take. Do I go to graduate school, move to another state, country, begin working, who knows? Cause I don’t know. Today is just another day contemplating my life plan after I get back home from my traveling this summer. I am unsure whether Ill stay in my home state or move to LA or Texas. I wanna go to Brazil also, but that is not till the winter and who knows what can happen by then. I can only hope my heart will guide me in the right direction. I am not afraid of change I just have so many options that it is hard to choose. I know things always change and you will meet new people and have new opportunities. You will fail and you will get back up. Life is a puzzle and we are all just trying to find the pieces.

This week I learned that some people who you thought were the most important or close friends may not be. Things change and so do people. It may be hard to look at the memories and or miss them but everything happens for a reason. I am thankful for the people I have met in the past nine months and the experiences. Whether they were good or bad experiences it made me grow and open my eyes. I learned that friendship is about people who no matter the duration of knowing them, they will be there for you in thick and thin times. Not just the times when you are on top. You really see everything in perspective when you are down and out in life, that’s when you will see the real in everyone. No matter what life gives you its good to stay positive and look forward and not backwards. Be thankful for everyday. And live to the fullest. Much love.


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