Hello everyone!

Life has been really crazy the last month or so. However, it seems as though we have just skipped the whole winter and went straight to spring. I mean hey I’m not complaining. Over this month I have learned many things and have faced hard challenges. Now I am feeling ready to find new adventures and really focus on travel. Since I am a beginner at this travel the world scenario I really have no idea what I am doing. Whoops. Anyways, my plan after coming home from Europe is to come back to the states and work for about 4 months. Let me tell you one thing. One of my biggest dreams even more than going to Europe is traveling to Brazil. Before I met my most wonderful Brazilian buds in college I had never even thought of Brazil much less knew anything about it. Thanks to my amigos I came to find a large interest in their culture and language. There culture is so filled with love and closeness(literally) and don’t forget the gorgeous men and women. One of my most desired attractions is also the landscaping, it is beautiful! Any who back to the point, I am DETERMINED to go this December. No matter what I have to do, that is where I want to be. I hope to save a few thousand dollars for the few months August-November then stay in Brazil for at least 2-3 months. My goal in Brazil is to see as many beautiful places as possible and learn Portuguese. Plus, visit my friends and attend my one close friends graduation from college. I am so excited and highly impatient for December to be here already. Much love.




-As Diogo would say “brotherhood” take into account I am female…so sisterhood since they pretty much are women. HAHA.

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